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Croft race report

Croft race report

May 18, 2021

Well, that's my first race meeting of the MX-5 Supercup over and done with. What a weekend!

Results wise it wasn't the best, but it was always going to be a tough learning curve joining one of the most competitive club level championships in the UK. Despite the results, there's so many positives to draw from it.

First of all, the entire weekend was just great fun, and ultimately that's what this is all about. Whilst there were no first places, there were a lot of other firsts: First time qualifying and racing the MX-5, first time driving the car in the wet, and first (and second...) time getting punted off the track. A lot to take in and learn from, but a really rewarding first three races and I'm raring to go for the next one.

Forget track days- piling into the first corner on lap 1 amongst 39 other cars, all vying for position, there's just nothing like it!

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